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Floor Sanding Bicester

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Do you need a new wooden floor in Bicester?

West of the town, Rousham Park has a parquet entrance hall and numerous portraits of the Dormers. Most striking is the oak door - bored through with holes.

Your own doors are doubtless more complete but how about your wooden floors? No holes, we trust - but are they looking a little tired, scratched and generally underperforming.

The time has come. Sound advice and expertise is at hand - to make them worthy once again of your home, shop, office, school or public rooms.

         Look no further than the Bicester Floor Sanding Specialists!

The complete restoration service:

               repairs and replacement of damaged timber

               staining for a new look

               sanding to remove old sealant

               new protection with oil, hard wax or lacquer.

Minimal dust and disruption:

              the unique collection system of our machines ensures 99% dust free sanding.

A reliable job from a family firm:

              Twenty years’ experience on every kind of floor from solid boards to parquet blocks.

A superb quality finish:
              Our use of only premium products will give you a new floor that not only lasts but stays looking good  for longer.

It pays to choose the best
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The Bicester Floor Sanding Experts

Rousham Park was built by Sir Robert Dormer in 1635 and is one of the most notable Jacobean mansions in the country.  

Come the civil war, the staunchly Royalist owner felt he needed to be prepared: so he created the holes in his door to fire on any Parliamentarians with the effrontery to approach his property.

Much good it did him: he was captured and imprisoned in the tower at Oxford.

Today’s fortified look is purely decorative as decreed by General Dormer in the 1730s.  It was brilliantly recreated in the fashion of early Gothic revival by the celebrated architect William Kent.

Kent was also responsible for the garden - the only surviving example of his work.  It combines statues, running water and trees in a major development in British garden taste.

To quote Horace Walpole:

                       ‘The sweetest little groves, streams, glades, porticos, ’cascades and river imaginable; all the scenes are perfectly classic.’


With over 31 years of sanding knowledge,
we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden
floors always get the best  restoration service there is.

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